ON REFLECTION was a Nature Wander commissioned by Wellcome Collection as part of their On Nature season in July 2017.

Led by Sheila on a pre-determined 10-stop circular trail around Bloomsbury, participants learnt about the history and use of the black mirror - or Claude Glass - by artists, sight-seers and physicians of old whilst also considering what this small yet beguiling instrument might illuminate about our collective future.

During the walk participants were invited to sketch like a landscape painter, 'look' like a tourist, try their hand at scrying and generally encouraged to look, listen and think about who they were in relation to the world around them - noticing in particular what remained just off to the side - hidden, overlooked, forgotten, unnoticed.

At the end of the walk the participants were gifted the hand-made black mirrors by Sheila as a souvenir / reminder of the walk and as an instrument to continue playing with in the future, in their own time and at their own leisure.

Although originally made in Bloomsbury the walk can take place anywhere... Anywhere where there might be those wishing to reflect on where we're all headed...


There’s a monster in the dark mirror, and you are a cone in one of its eyes.”
— Timothy Morton, Dark Ecology p.42