Lots of off-shoot projects emerged out of Rambles with Nature: Workshops, talks, new discrete works.

These included:

A short series of sessions at Meet Me at The Albany (co-produced by Entelechy Arts and The Albany) simply exploring what nature meant to those present and then seeing where that led. In the last session those that were interested made framed collages in response to the phrase "Rambles with nature led me".

A panel talk and workshop as part of the CIFAS Summer University in Brussels with reference to their 2014 theme of the "other".  Sheila delivered a workshop entitled Thinking (perhaps) about the Rat in which participants were introduced to the ideas behind Rambles with Nature and also given a Rambling Kit to make use of in the workshop and future.

A masterclass with MA students at the University of Chichester in which students were challenged with the task of going on their own (short) ramble with nature (with another) again using the Rambling Kits. They then had to make something out of the results of their conversations / walks / thoughts.

The project also fed into ideas behind Metes and Bounds made at IWM North with 2nd University of Salford students and also Etyma a Tiding of Good Words as part of Tate Space 2014.

The better the ground is prepared, the sooner will the hedge arrive at maturity, and the longer will be its duration.
— A Treatise on Hedges and the Management of Hedgerow Timber, Frances Blaikie