Metes and Bounds was made on site at Imperial War Museum North in 2014 with 2nd year Contemporary Performance Students from University of Salford.  The work was a response to the Contemporary Art and War exhibition on Level One. Together the students and Sheila made a performance which aimed to bring audience a little bit closer to the works on display whilst also questioning perceptions of war and conflict, land and bodies, boundaries and nature.

The work was performed on-site on 20th and 21st February during Museum opening times.

At the beginning one of the instructions given to audience members was "Follow us and find us" - easy enough at the beginning of the piece when performers moved as a group, but much harder as the students broke away to perform discrete solo works within the exhibition itself.

Arranged and made possible by Niki Woods (University of Salford) and Camilla Thomas (IWM).



Metes and Bounds: The boundary lines of land, with their terminal points and angles...