Sheila is contributing to an Open Space session at Heart of Glass in May facilitated by Chrissie Tiller (Creative Consultant and Practitioner) and Emma Fry (Criticality Producer, Heart of Glass), which asks:

How can we begin to take care of ourselves while working with, for and about others?

The session is Pay What You Can and is for anyone who is artistically engaged in social and collaborative arts practice.

For further details about the event click HERE

Chrissie Tiller 

Chrissie Tiller is a passionate writer, thinker, teacher, and practitioner with a lifetime’s history of working through collaborative and social practice: particularly in cross-cultural and trans-national contexts and with places undergoing social, economic and political change.  Her recent think piece for Creative People and Places, Power Up, explores the current state of collaborative arts practice: including examining notions of privilege, cultural capital, politics, personal values and ethics in bringing about cultural democracy and social justice.

Getting To Know You tea cups…

Getting To Know You tea cups…