Sheila is currently visiting Arc again this week in Romanmoitier Switzerland as part of The Spring Thing:

15 - 19 JUNE 2018 

From the 15th until the 19th of June, about 20 artists and other practitioners will spend five days at Arc, deepening and interrogating their practices, discussing them, and proposing new ways to share artistic research with each other.  
What is artistic research, and why it is important to share it with others? How do you present and communicate it? What are the ideal conditions? In what ways does artistic research forge specific knowledge and initiate new modes of being? Is artistic research a radically speculative discipline? And how can we celebrate it? 

On Sunday 17th June the group invites in the bigger Arc community and anyone who is interested to join them in a four-hour forum about the topic, moderated by Philippine Hoegen. 

The Spring Thing was developed during the Re-invent the party thematic residency, which took place in February 2018, by Sally De Kunst, Sheila Ghelani, Jonas Gillmann, Ward Goes, Renaud Loda, Jacek Smolicki, Vreni Spieser, Gosie Vervloessem and Conrad Willems.  

Participants of The Spring Thing: Julien Babel, Eduardo Cassina, Sally De Kunst, Nikos Doulos, Liva Dudareva, Seraina Dür, Rita Eperjesi, Sheila Ghelani, Jonas Gillmann, Ward Goes, Arielle Grasser, Renaud Loda, Aditya Pawar, Tim Shaw, Jacek Smolicki, Vreni Spieser, Marion Thomas, Kristien Van Den Brande, Gosie Vervloessem et Conrad Willems. 
Moderation: Philippine Hoegen
Documentation: Mila Pavicevic, Julien Vuilleumier
Technical support: Bernhard Zitz
Catering: Magali Depierraz