SIGNAL is 4 days to reflect upon living art and the city, and 4 artistic interventions in public space in Brussels.

The Summer University of Cifas, which is dedicated to the relations between Living Art and Public Space, uses the notion of the "other" during three days to explore the existing tensions between hidden city and ideal city, more or less barricaded ghettos and unexpected encounters, correct social behaviour and compulsory participation. In these complex relationships which weave our urban everyday life, what role(s) do artists, cultural operators and people in charge of cultural policies want to play?

The Summer University will be extended to a program of living and ephemeral interventions in public space, furthering the reflection, but overall addressing the citizens and users of the City, in four different neighbourhoods of Brussels.

Sheila Will deliver a workshop entitled Thinking (perhaps) about the Rat: 

For the past year Sheila has been making Rambles with Nature - a new body of work that explores the hedgerow from many different angles, through many different art-forms and with many different collaborators. Over the course of the project she has worked with artists, illustrators, musicians, ecologists, gardeners, wildlife enthusiasts and foragers (to name but a few). Together they have been undertaking a series of Rambles, using the hedgerow as a starting point or 'spine'.

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Rat Rose Bird Research

Rat Rose Bird Research