You & Me was made in March 2010 as part of Scripturacontinua, a season of performance art at KALEID - a gallery specialising in artists who do books.

The rules of the season were that each artist should show something 'live' and durational with a print-based outcome. Traces of the live work were also exhibited in the gallery space for a week. Sheila's live 'actions' resulted in a hand printed flower press containing live performance traces (Edition of 100).

Both the live work and flower-press tell a kind of love story exploring the space, and gaps that we keep between us.

The flower-press is available to buy in Sheila's shop. 

Four wing-nuts compress floral boards that function liminally, both preserving the hidden contents of Sheila Ghelani’s private world, whilst relaying its signal. Her table-top ‘quasi-lectures’ are poised between autopsy and playful recipe, poised between pure and polluted, home and away, the flower press encoding neo-Victorian billets doux of passionate love. Similarly the gap between page and readership is intensified by her performance rationale of cardinal points within which a dabbling, non fine art use of materials announces hybridity, unzips difference, trades in confusion, those sequencing misprints in the human genome that inflect ME & YOU!
— Redchurch Idler Flash Review 2010