The Settler Project was developed during a 4-week research and development residency at The Performance Space, Sydney, Australia in July/August 2007.

The piece explored travel, migration, love and colonialism. It consisted of 3 short poem-like texts that were reproduced on woven labels and card hang-tags (the kind you find in new clothes).

These small hand-fashioned objects were designed to then be surreptitiously pinned into peoples coats/clothing.

HERE I am. Staking my claim. Setting up shop. Claiming...THIS PLACE. Taking up residence. Stealing some space. Making a bond. Settling in by the “FIRE!” Skin-side, skin-close, skin-tight. Punctured. HERE I am. Manufacturing a union, Becoming Established (just call yourself Inc.) I’ve done what I want, with Standard held high Shore-tied, land-side, blood-slide. Punctured.
— “Stuck on you” Label text #1 of 3)