Sugar Sugar White revisited ‘whiteness’ - as a colour, ‘idea’, cultural signifier, surface, veneer and ultimate symbol of horror - asking the same questions as in White Squall, but louder, faster, stronger.

In the piece Sheila worked live with various 'white' materials whilst accompanied by a soundtrack. These materials include icing sugar, flour, china figurines, lace, chicken flesh etc. The piece playfully destabilised ideas of purity in relation to gender and race and was shown in Poland Warsaw, at EPAF 2009 and NRLA 2010.

A sticky sweet sickly punch.  Slow-mo. Loud. A hit. A dissolving. A deconstruction. A destruction. KABOOM.  A sugar-caked lip sequence.  A dirty-pure pose in white heels, white lace (Britney style). A disappearance. Now you see me, now you don't.  I'm over here. Can you see me? I'm stepping into and out of the White. Can you see me? I'm getting my saw out. I'm going to carve this up.

This piece is available to watch in the NRLA video archive held at the University of Bristol. 

Sheila Ghelani turns to her audience, looks them in the eye, and licks her sugar-coated lips.
— Theron Schmidt, Together in the Here & Now, 2010