The initial proposal for Ramble 3 was:

"A purposefully quick ramble, #3  will consist of a series of conversations undertaken through, in and alongside a series of hedgerows. These conversations will be undertaken by members of The Working Party: Mary Paterson (producer and writer), Rajni Shah (performance maker), Suzy Shrubb (musician), Tracey Low (producer), Shauna Concannon (academic / digital artist), Tiffany Charrington (live artist), Lucy Cash (interdisciplinary artist) and Sheila."

After some discussion, the group decided to set some clear boundaries around Ramble 3 in relation to time (which we felt we were up against) and so at midday on Friday 10th January we met at the Meridian Line in Greenwich Park and precisely one hour later at the park's entrance gates.  What happened in between was to be our Ramble and up to each of us individually.  We would then have lunch together at Red Door Cafe in Greenwich and discuss what had happened.   

John Hunter and Maddy Costa were invited along to document the hour.

Ramble 3 produced several pieces of reflective writing which can be found in the Rambles with Nature publication and also the beginnings of some new conversations and collaborations.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Photography by John Hunter



at a party on wednesday i was talking to someone about Dialogue, and heard myself say that we shift the movement of air molecules enough to make changes seem a little more possible. that discovery was so comforting. i think rambles maybe possibly does something similar.
— Maddy Costa