Rings Loops and Double Backs is a sound installation created in collaboration with sound designer Scott Smith and musicians / widlife experts met in Shoreham during one of Undercurrent's Slow Boat Residencies (hosted by Ruth Dudman) last Autumn. The installation is made up of a number of short loops featuring the sounds and voices of: 

Chris Platt, Peter Challis, Hamish Mckenzie, St Mary de Haura bell ringers, St Mary de Haura Handbell ringers, Adam Ronchetti and Laura Ward of Hickory Signals and Katy Roberts.  

Ramble 2 was also supported by a Blast Theory studio residency and through a work in progress presentation at Blast Theory Studios in December last year.  Illustrations were by Mel Sheppard and Lighting Design was by Marty Langthorne. 

In the work, visitors to the installation are invited to put on some embroidered gloves and then use a gramophone horn to amplify sound loops that have been 'foraged' for in Shoreham by Sea.  Once they have listened to the sounds they are given a memento of their experience (a tiny gramophone charm) serving as a reminder of the content of the loops.

In Shoreham  (where the work has so far been shown) the installation also involved a live element -  a live concert of hand-bell ringing by the St Mary de Haura handbell ringers. The sound loops themselves were also installed within a living tree - in the future this may not always be the case.

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Photography by Blast Theory and Becky Edmunds 

Illustrations and mind map by Mel Sheppard



It was immersive with beautiful images
and engaging sounds
— Audience comment