Sheila’s latest project uses all of the research, knowledge and experience developed during Rambles With Nature to inform the making of a new quartet of works meditating on 'The Elements'. The four pieces explore:


Atmospheric Forces



Early research into this project was supported by a Wellcome Library Research Bursary (Jan - June 2016). 

Sulphur (a performance work) was made and performed in 2017. Read more about that project HERE.

On Sulphur (a research day / a public event / a re-working of the performance work) was then developed and shared in 2018. Read more about that day HERE.

Atmospheric Forces will be researched and developed in early 2020.

Sheila is now looking for further funding and residencies to support the making of Breath and Flow. Get in touch if you're interested!



Dad's Lab circa 1970's