Give Me Land Lots of Land was commissioned by Rational Rec in June 2008 and was originally made to be shown at Wilton's Music Hall as part of the Spitalfields Festival.

In April 2010 the piece was restaged for What If?

The piece of work is durational (the public are free to stay with the piece as long/little as they like) and explores illusion, song, femininity and spectacle.  The piece also lightly critiques Britain's love of Empire building at the turn of the century - when Music Hall was at its peak.

Lying on a red cushion, a red-lipsticked woman inserts various objects into her mouth whilst looking into a camera hanging abover her head. The live image appears on a TV screen behind her. Sucking the jewels of her life, she seems content and satisfied whilst vulnerable and surveyed. The piece demands attention...
— Terry O'Donovan, The British Theatre Guide