Between November 2017 and January 2018 Sheila worked with a group of people who regularly volunteer, work and play at Battersea Arts Centre to co-curate and display a collection of objects and ephemera from the Wandsworth Collection, which BAC are now custodians of.

The Exhibition was a scratch - a first go at seeing what such an activity means... to the building, to those involved, to the people who visit... 

Part of BAC Moving Museum, the exhibition ran from 6th Feb - 13th Mar 2018 and was a response by participants to the theme of HOPE - chosen by BAC to see how the past might speak to the future. 

What does a hopeful object look like?

What does hope mean to you?

What might hope mean to the visitor?

The exhibition took the form of a trail installed all around the Battersea Arts Centre Building, with a map available for visitors to pick up in the foyer.

The group involved were Joanna, Federica, Lainie, Zeba, Lucy, Bethany, Sofia, Peter W, Peter H and Sheila, all of whom have a relationship with Battersea Arts Centre, ranging from being regular volunteers on the HLF heritage programmes, attendees of the Create Course, the Elders Dance Class, the Young Producer Programme, to being a member of staff team. Sheila herself has also created many works at BAC over the years...

Read about Exhibition Hope in the Wandsworth Guardian HERE

Supported by Museums Association Transformers, Arts Council England and HLF funding