A collaboration with Sue Palmer

Common Salt is a performance around a table – a ‘show and tell’.

It explores the colonial, geographical history of England and India taking an expansive and emotional time-travel, from the first Enclosure Act and the start of the East India Company in the 1600s, to 21st century narratives of trade, race and culture.

Sue and Sheila activate insights into our shared past, laying out a ‘home museum’ of objects and stories; of the Great Hedge of India, of borders, and collections – all accompanied by original Shruti box laments.

Common Salt is a reckoning; the interconnectedness between history and global power, artefact and trade, race and memory is hidden in plain sight.

Common Salt on tour in 2019:

Kings College London, (part of Theatre Capital programme) | Thursday 17 October | 11.00am (with post show discussion)

Wells Library, Somerset | Saturday 19th October | 11.00am & 2.00pm | Tickets online from 16th September

Cambridge Junction, Cambridge | Monday 21st October | 5:30pm & 8.00pm | Buy tickets

Frome Library, Somerset | Saturday 9th November | 11.30am & 2.30pm | Tickets online from 16th September

Lancaster Arts / Lancaster Maritime Museum | Saturday 16 November | 3.00pm & 7.00pm

Yeovil Library, Somerset | Saturday 30th November | 11.30am & 2.30pm |

Queens House, Royal Museums Greenwich | Friday 6th December | 11.30am & 2.30pm |

Common Salt on tour in 2020:

Museum of Rural Life in Reading, Museum of London Docklands, OSR Projects Somerset, Leicester Attenborough Arts Centre, The Holborne Museum in Bath, Folkestone Fringe, Manchester Library, the Live Art Development Agency London, The British Library with more dates to be announced…

Common Salt the book will also be published in 2020.

Past Performances of Common Salt:

Common Salt toured to 8 venues in 2018, with 23 performances:

South London Botanical Institute, London (part of Chelsea Fringe) | Thursday 24 May | 4:00pm & 7:00pm. Book tickets HERE

Battersea Arts Centre, London | Thursday 7 – Saturday 9 June | 2:30pm & 7:00pm. Book tickets HERE

Bristol Central Library, Bristol | Thursday 13th September | 4:30pm & 7:30pm

* Sue gave an artist talk – a Lunchtime Lecture in Bristol Library about the research behind Common Salt | Thursday 6th September | 12.30pm to 1.15pm | Free!

b-side Festival, Portland Dorset | Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September, 13.00 & 16.00 | Book a place for £3 per ticket plus booking fee.

Ship Studio, Dartington Hall, Devon (hosted by art.earth) | Friday 28th September | 6:00pm & 8:00pm | Book tickets HERE

Wellcome Collection, Reading Room, London | Thursday 4 October, 18:00 & 20:00, Friday 5 October, 16:00 (BSL Interpreted) Free, limited capacity, first come…

Frome Museum, Somerset | Saturday 20 October | 4:00pm and 7:00pm Tickets on sale from mid September

Early 2019:

Southernhay House, Exeter (presented by Scare The Horses) | Thursday 31 January | 6pm & 8.30pm. Book tickets HERE

Common Salt (A Lament) was made by artist and moving image maker Lucy Cash in collaboration with Sue and Sheila. It was exhibited at b-side festival’s ‘Outpost’ in 2018.

Sheila and Sue began collaborating on the idea for Common Salt in 2013, investigating a thread of connected narratives, originally inspired by the hedgerow, as part of Sheila’s two-year Rambles with Nature project.

Developed over 4 years of research into the colonial and geographical history of England and India, the work is rich and complex, resonant with our contemporary times.  Working against our collective amnesia, Common Salt explores the knotty complexity of lucre, enclosures and borders and the economic and social history of trade.

Sheila and Sue developed Common Salt while in residence at b-side, Portland, Dorset in May 2017, with two work-in-progress showings on July 6th 2017 at b-side’s Outpost.

Supported using public funds by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Developed with support from b-side and One Final Act by Rajni Shah Projects

Photography by Paul Samuel White




Common Salt (A Lament) cine-poem

They had this thing where they cut your tie when you put through your first trade.
— Paul Hawtin - Hedge Fund Manager
To secure the levy on a duty of salt....there grew up gradually a monstrous system, to which is would be almost impossible to find a parallel in any tolerably civilised. A Customs Line was established which stretched across the whole of India, which in 1869 extended from the Indus to the Mahanadi in Madras, a distance of 2,300 miles; and it was guarded by nearly 12,000 men.....It would have stretched from London to Constantinople ....It consisted principally of an immense impenetrable hedge of thorny trees and bushes.
— Roy Moxham, The Great Hedge of India
Common Salt … was exquisite … A miniature with epic undertones.”
— Audience Tweet
Like reading a book in 3D...
— Audience Comment