Early in 2015 glass-maker Louis Thompson invited Sheila to collaborate with him on a new piece of work for an exhibition at the London Glass-blowing Studio and Gallery for four weeks in September/October.  The pair spent their time slowly researching and talking and eventually made Bank:

"A selection of plant-life collected downriver of The City, found growing dustily on the peninsula, in the shadow of its banks. Rooted in the crevices, growing doggedly at the edge, by the old Surrey Docks - the silvery / gold rush of water."

Bank consists of a number of free blown glass vessels containing weeds and soil taken from the banks of the Thames. Click HERE for an image of the finished work.

The weeds were harvested by Louis and Sheila in Rotherhithe on Wednesday 9th September at around about noon.

Bank is available for exhibition and is also on sale in the London Glass-blowing shop.

Louis is the glass-blower who makes all of Sheila's hearts for Covet Me Care For Me. He also seals the ampoules for Some Hands to Hold You.

Louis is an extraordinary artist. Read more about his practice HERE. 




You cannot take the Thames with you. It has always been the river of commerce. The watercress-growers of Gravesend, the biscuit-bakers and store-shippers of Tooley Street, the ship-chandlers of Wapping, the block-makers and rope-makers of Limehouse, all owe their trades to the Thames…
— Peter Ackroyd London The Biography (2001)